Forex Training

Our Training program is divided into three (3) aspects, namely

  • Forex workshop
  • Mentorship program
  • Fund advisory

Forex Workshop: consists of 5 modules each lasting for 2-3 hours, the workshop is flexible and lasts anywhere from three days to a month. We train our students one-on-one to give the personal feel necessary for proper comprehension. At Doxa Capital Ltd we ensure you receive the most comprehensive training on how to trade in the forex market because we believe you can be among successful traders who make consistent returns from the markets.

Mentorship Program: is a period of 3 months after your training in which a demo trading account will be opened for you to practice what you have been taught. Its main feature is the guidance that would be given this period till we are sure you can now trade with real funds.

Fund Advisory: is a service we render when you are consistently making profits and we are sure its now time for you to start trading a live account. This service includes a professional advice on start up capital, fund management, withdrawals, choice of broker etc. our course modules are in depth, practical and simple enough to follow. See our course outline below

S/N    TopicDescription
  History of forex   Fundamental


Forex Terminologies Technical line students,EMAS
  Forex Money & risk management Money management  tools trade volumes, calculations





Fundamental Analyses of Forex Trading






psychology in trading 


Technical Analyses of Forex Trading    


Fundamental / Technical Analyses practical      


Doxa System


study and control of trading emotions, right mental attitude





study and installation on tool

Training Program Packages

General - this is for the general public, trading held at our premises

Training cost - GH¢500 Accra, Ghc500 in Kumasi and Takoradi

Executive - this is for busy executives who require one on one tutoring, training, held at location of choosing

Training cost - GH¢1000 Accra, Ghc1000 in Kumasi and Takoradi

Corporate - this is for corporate clients, held at their office premises

Training cost - GH¢700 in Accra, Ghc800 in Kumasi and Takoradi